The Code of Conduct is below – and is subject to change at the discretion of the Guild of Makers Directors. Other rules will be expanded later, and will be along the lines of:

Members of the Guild of Makers should:

  • Be Nice


Legal stuff

  • The Guild cannot be held responsible for the actions or statements made by any member.
  • Any suggestions, advice or information given to members is given in good faith, however, the Guild is not accountable for the results following any such suggestions, advice or information
  • Benefits of membership may change during the period of membership
  • The Guild reserves the right to terminate membership where it believes it is appropriate to take this action. No reasons need to be given. The balance of any pre-paid fees, less £40 to cover administation costs, will be refunded in such a case.
  • Membership is governed by the law of England and Wales, and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

Termination of Membership

  • Any member of the Guild who works against the interests, objectives and reputation of the Guild will cease to be its member. The Director(s) of the Guild shall have full power to take such decisions.
  • A member may resign from the membership of the society any time by a letter addressed to the Director(s) or membership Secretary.
  • A member of the society including a founder member shall cease to be a member of the society if they fail to pay the subscription or dues to the society continuously for three months after the due date.
  • Founder membership will not be reinstated after a break in membership.

The rules are subject to change at the whim of Lucy Rogers on behalf of the Guild.  Applying for membership signs up for that.

Code of Conduct:

# Aims

We recognise that in our society power is not held equally and that groups and
individuals have been and continue to be discriminated against on many grounds
including race, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, class,
religion, marital status and where they live or are from.

We also recognise that where direct or indirect discrimination occurs within
our organization, it is both morally and legally unacceptable.

The purpose of the Equality and Diversity Policy is to set out clearly and
fully the positive action we intend to take to combat direct and indirect
discrimination in the organisation, in the services it provides and in its
relationships with other bodies.

In adopting this Equality and Diversity Policy, we are also making an
unequivocal commitment to implementing it, so as to ensure that equal
opportunity becomes a reality.

# Code of Conduct

This code of conduct is not meant to cover all circumstances,
please be understanding.

This code of conduct applies to your behaviour on all our communication
channels, and any events that we run:

* Our association is inclusive; do not engage in homophobic, racist,
transphobic, ableist, xenophobic, sexist, or otherwise exclusionary behaviour.
Do not make exclusionary jokes, even “ironically”.
* Don’t harass people. Physical contact or sexual attention without
enthusiastic consent is harassment, or if taken to its extreme, abuse. Wearing
revealing clothes or flirting are not necessarily consent. If you’re asked to
stop, do so. If you’re not sure the person is happy with what you are doing,
* Aggression and elitism are unwelcome – knowledge is not a competition.
* We’d rather you ask about gender than assume, and if you get it wrong,
apologise. Mistakes happen, however you should always use the person’s
preferred pronouns when addressing or discussing them.
* People’s private lives are their own. Do not share details about others
that they have not explicitly made public. This includes, but is not limited to,
sexuality, gender, medical conditions, housing, relationship or financial
* Although alcoholic drinks are allowed, there is no expectation or pressure
to drink alcohol or conversely not to drink alcohol. However, those who are
obviously intoxicated will be asked to leave.
* Discussion of how to make us more inclusive is welcome. Claims that this
“has gone too far” aren’t.

Any breaches of the Code of Conduct shall be handled as mentioned below.

# Dealing with Complaints

The Founders will take complaints of discrimination and harassment very

They will investigate them thoroughly, and provide opportunities for the person
making the complaint to speak in a safe environment about their experience.

If the complaint is against a particular individual, the committee will hear
their point of view.

The Committee will decide the action to take based on the principle of ensuring
the continued inclusion and safety of any member who has experienced
discrimination or harassment.

# Making a Complaint

If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed,
or have any other concerns relating to harassment or unacceptable behavior,
please report it by contacting
Please include in your report your name and contact details, names of any
individuals involved, names of additional witnesses, your account of what
occurred and if you believe the incident is ongoing, and any links to other
available records of the incident (email, video,…).
All reports will be handled with discretion.
If you are concerned that sending to the alias may
end up going to an involved party, please contact one (or preferably two) of
the Code of Conduct Committee: (, and/or
to determine how best to escalate your report.