30th March 2020 – Guild of Makers announces closure

I know my timing really sucks with this, but it is with great sadness that I will be closing the Guild of Makers. I was looking to do this after our conference but, of course, due to our current situation it has been cancelled.

I still believe in the idea of the Guild but, sadly, I did not put in the time or effort to make it what I believe it could be. Due to other life events, I also did not have the brain space to delegate any of the work to others. Financially it is running at a loss and I am spending more time administering it than I am actually making.

What does this mean for members?

  • As long as we can still find hosts #MakersHour and the @GuildofMakers twitter handle will continue.
  • As I mentioned, the Guild is running at a loss, but I do appreciate that many of you have a few months to run on your subs. If you want a refund, please do get in touch. I will sort what I can, as soon as I can.
  • All the information on the Guild of Makers website and the newsletters will be transferred to my personal website (lucyrogers.com) to be archived.
  • As the Guild of Makers is very much linked to me, I will keep the name dormant for now. I do not wish to cause confusion by a reincarnation.
  • I will leave the Slack and LinkedIn channels open, and will allow anyone to join who requests to.

Thank you for your support, friendship and for sharing your makes.

Lucy Rogers

The Guild of Makers is a membership organisation. It exists to encourage Makers to support, encourage and help each other.

Definition of a Maker for the purposes of this Guild:
“A practical person who takes pride in creating physical items using their imagination and skills.”

For member benefits and how to join, please see the membership page.

The Guild of Makers hosts:

  • Twitter #MakersHour, every Wed 8-9 pm (UK time) – open to all
  • Makers Conference with talks, workshops, exhibiting and making opportunities
  • Slack channel: slack.com. Members only.
  • LinkedIn Group
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